Water Boilers

Counter-Top Water Boiler

LC-025A/LC-005A/LC-035ACounter-Top Water Boiler


● Microcomputer-controlled hot water supply with constant temperature
● LED digital water-level display
● Presetable power-saving timer during off-hours
● Fully auto-controlled process: water inleting, full refill, and heating
● Safety protection against the boiling without water, over-heating, and electric leakage 
● 24-hour hot water supply
● Food-grade stainless steel taps & heater
● The combination with the filter system is advised  (Optional)




Model No. Water Capacity Power Voltage Dimensions (Width× Depth× Height)
LC-025A 14L 1000W 220V 230×320×675/mm
LC-005A 20L 1000W 220V 310×350×630/mm
LC-035A 28L 1000W 220V 300×370×725/mm