Water Purifier Filter

RO Water Purifier(Daily capacity 400 gallon)

LC-R-285RO Water Purifier(Daily capacity 400 gallon)


LC-R-285 RO Water Purifier
(Daily capacity 400 gallon)
● Housing design for anti-dusty and compact.
● 4 stages filter system.
● Design for under sink installation.
● Environment-friendly disposable cartridges.
● The multi-layers cartridge combining ACT micro-fiber film & activated carbon at the end of the outlet.
● Automatically shut down water as sensing water-leakage
● 4 stages Filters to Purify Water
Stage1 LC-R-811 PP Fiber Cartridge
Stage2 LC-R-831 Block Activated Carbon Cartridge
Stage3 LC-R-453 RO Membrane(Daily capacity 400 gallon)
Stage4 LC-R-572 ACT Composite Post Activated Carbon Cartridge



Dimensions (Width× Depth× Height)